We Share Our Cup With You

We would like to recognize Mel Hattie as a role model for all of us. Not only is she a tea Certified Tea Sommelier, but she also lives her life with the passion for tea and the beliefs including “Who needs to speak the same language when you can share a cup of tea?”. Mel has always loved adventuring the world and would connect with people on her adventures, both long and short via tea. She “realized tea blended [her] love of food, culture, history, and travel. “.

This is the type of strides we at qualiTEA are striving to achieve, an international community of people, bonding over a whistling kettle waiting to share the taste of the freshly brewed tea. Each person being able to express who they are, regardless of any physical barrier, like distance, or social barrier, like language, but from the aromas and the tones of there brew. Mel Hattie’s philosophy of “Travel[ing] can foster cross-cultural friendships that [she] genuinely believe[s] makes the world a better place.” should be taken in and used as an example for all of us.

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  1. I believe this is a wonderful goal to strive for. I may not have much experience with tea, but as a traveler I understand that there is a whole world of cultures that are connected through small things such as cuisine and traditions.

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  2. What a great read. I really like the idea of making company over a good drink. I believe that quality food or drink is the best equalizer and can be enjoyed without the rituals and pomp. I look forward to seeing what you’ve got in store for your subscribers.

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